30 for 30 Items

I’ve chosen 26 of my 30 allotted items. I am reserving slots 27 – 30 for a pair of jeans, boots, flats, +1 more item I intended to pick up before the challenge got under way. Mother nature had other plans, and I spent Pre-Snowpocalypse eve at the grocery store and Target getting the goods for what has turned into a four day (and counting) pop quiz in cabin fever.

If I only I had accurately estimated the quantity of hot beverages I would consume during this cold snap.

The Chosen:

Basic Tees: White V-Neck, Gray V-Neck, Gray & Black Striped LS, Black Crew

Aqua & Lime Print, Aqua Slash Detail, Black Scoop Neck, Black Cowl Neck

Green Cord, Black & White Striped Seersucker, Black Blazer, Grey on Grey Striped Blazer

Black Sheath Dress, Black Pencil Skirt, Grey Pencil Skirt, Eggplant Heels, Mustard Flats, Black Flats

Gray Cardigan, Levis 512 Jeans, Gray Twill Pants


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